How to optimize Threadripper 1950x / Alienware


Hi there,

I hope there’s some Threadripper expert here who can help me figure this out.
I’m getting high temperature and lot of noise every time I render with Arnold or I use the IPR. Same goes for the C4D Standard render when I use the interactive render region. Someone told me below 95degree the temperature is normal.

Now, I wonder if anyone here has some familiarity with Alienware PCs, because that’s the one I’m using (area 51 R-3). I tried one of the utilities that come pre-installed from Dell, the support Assist, which has a scan hardware option and I guess what it does is a stress test. When I run the test, the fan went so crazy I thought that the PC was going to explode! :slight_smile:

Temperatures were rising fast, way above 100 degrees. I think I stopped it around 108 degrees as it seemed it would keep rising.

Anyway, if anyone knows Alienware and how to optimize it in order to get the best performance from this machine, I’d really appreciate some tips.

There is also a Command Center where I can fine-tune some of the settings in order to improve the performance, but after some tweaking, I didn’t notice any significant change and I went back to the original settings.

I really want to use this machine at its best, but it’s kinda annoying hearing all the noise.
Now I’m realizing the temperature remains high even when I do AE renders.


I have no Idea about the alienware, but I would do two things:

  • first check if the punp of the cpu cooler is working and running fast enough.
  • second I would exchange the thermal paste of the cpu.

good luck,


I believe some Alienware configs have overclock across all cores. They have overclocking software built in that you can use to reset it to stock.

Can you see if you can set the thread ripper CPU back to stock speed, non-overclocked levels? Those chips draw a lot of power (and generate a lot of heat) under normal conditions, and an OC thread ripper much more so. What you lose in performance you may gain in quietness/sanity.


Is it still in warranty ?
The whole point of buying a pre-built machine is not having to mess with it yourself.
Just contact Alienware & tell them the problems you are having, especially using their own testing application.
Threadripper with any capable cooling solution shouldn’t be anywhere near those temps, especially if it’s running at stock speeds. There’s generally little to be gained by overclocking them anyway.
They are fairly cool-running chips for how beefy they are.


Thank you all for your insights.

I wanted to hear your thoughts especially to see if I was missing something basic and crucial, which it seems I wasn’t.

So, I called Dell, and after 1 hr and a half over the phone, and a few tests, it turns out they’ll send someone to replace the CPU. And if that doesn’t fix it, then we’ll see. But, yes, 110degrees is just too much, even for the CPU stress test.

I’m not expecting any improvement in terms of performance, as far as I know, and as @BubblegumDimension mentioned, these Alienware come already overclocked and all in all I’m happy with it, but I hope the temperature issue will be gone.

By the way, they also installed the Ryzen Master utility, but I don’t think I need to mess with it.


Try bumping it down to stock speed, which is still wicked fast.


Well, at this point they’ll add a new CPU, so I’ll wait.
Actually, I’d be curious to test a little OC. Technically at 3.8 should still run fine:


Just as a follow up for whoever might end up having the same issue.
Dell replaced the CPU and the heatsink. Now with the Alienware stress test the CPU reaches 92 degrees at its peak.
Testing it with Arnold with a relatively complex scene, it goes up to 62-63 degrees maximum, so I think this is finally working.

One thing happened right after I turned on the PC with the new CPU was a warning about the fTPM NV being corrupted. In my case I don’t have bitlocker enabled so I simply did a reset and everything is working normal.

The clock is stil around 3.6 I’m tempted to push it a little further :slight_smile:
I’d love to hear if someone did push the OC with what results.