How to model this shape?


Would love to know how you would approach this shape?

I’ve tried modelling a flat fat curved t shape with bend deformers but not got it anywhere near right

Any help/suggestions would be great!The_slide_out_droppings_tray_makes_cleaning_your_chicken_coop_easy


box modelling with SDS, quick example, started with a capsule, deleted some polys, used slide tool on some points. put in a symmetry, put that in an SDS

look at polygonpen’s tutorials on youtube, he is a master



Thank you very much, that’s an excellent start, will definitely go from that, cheers


Looks like a great pet habitat … do you have a link for the product ?

Thanks for the link. Did you manage to model it ?


Unfortunately not no, this was for a possible job opening I was going to model this from their catalog of products for sale and animate it, but I wasn’t selected for the role.


Sorry to hear that mate.
Next time, there’ll be an even better opportunity.

Just to spend some time, I tried to model this with
the help of your link.
Everything went well, but the white base where
it flares out. I’ll keep at with another approach.


I would have used lofted splines or the volume builder…