How to manage a big 360° project ?


Hi !
i need to build and animated big 360 landscape flyover, with dimensions very similar to this video

but cant find a way… any new model added drops the fps a lot… render times takes 35hrs by frame… :frowning:

Any success history ?
How can i get this task done without big fps drops to floor and good performance ?
Or im wrong trying to do this on Vue and need to search another solution ?
How the big studios use the app in their pipeline to achieve successful results ?

Any help is very welcome

best regards :slight_smile:


It seems they are using unreal engine system for this video. Vue is capable of doing what you are trying to do. Might want to look at unreal engine. Also there is a breakdown video of how they made the video you are using for a reference. Another way to do it maybe in layers and assemble with other software to keep your fps up.


Hi !
ty for your reply, very appreciated.

Its a long way project and yes, Im testing UN4 too as possible way to do it -kite breakdown is awesome-.

Layers and assemble is a good trick, ty for sharing it. I could give a try :smiley:

Best regards !

//sidenote: i cant find good tutorials or reference sites about how Vue is used daily in large productions. Workflows, step by step… there is some by outdated. Its a mistery lol.
And take a course at Gnomon is out of my finances atm.


Geeks at Play, and E-on’s web site has some, you may also want to try Cornucopia, as well Google. May take a little digging through searches but there are some out there. A number of places are also listed in the thread at the start of the forum.


Geeks at Play: Ty! i will give a try buying ones.

Realism in Vue by Dax Pandhi, im waiting e-On re-stocking.

Best regards !


You also might want to try here:

Some really good one here


Thank you very much for your generosity and your time. VERY appreciated :slight_smile: