How to make start growth of a sweep affect many sweeps at once


sweep start growth question.c4d (209.0 KB)


I am using c4d s24.

I am running into a problem when it comes to changing the start growth of a sweep. I have a tracer object attached to a sphere within a cloner. The idea is that this tracer acts as the spline for a sweep. this sweep will be representing the thicker of two stems of a mushroom… which is why it is meant to trace the cloned spheres.

The idea is that halway through the animation the sweep which represents the thicker stem will go through a change in the start growth and therefore start revealing the thinner stem undernath. However when i try to animate the start growth paramter in the sweep- it only does one stem at a time. Is there a way for all of the stems to undergo this change at once?

Attached below is the file so you can have a better reference point.