How to make noise texture seamlessly loop between clones?


I have a grid cloner of planes creating a 3x3 array. Each plane has a noise texture applied to it and the edges of the noise do not seamlessly loop. I can change the noise “space” to “world” and this causes them to align at the edges. However, this doesn’t really make the noise loop; it just “extends” it. I need it to loop so that a camera panning over the clones seamlessly loops when being replayed from frame 0. Here’s a video showcasing the issue:

Notice how when I use texture space for the noise, I get an ugly seam where the planes meet each other, but it seamlessly loops when going from frame 179 back to frame 0 (it is a 3 second animation at 60fps). But when I use world space, the seam goes away, but then the animation doesn’t loop perfectly anymore since the noise is “extended” rather than looped.

Here is my .c4d file if you want to take a look for yourself.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? I need there to be no seam and I need the animation to loop seamlessly. Texture space gives me the issue with the seam, and world space makes the animation not loop at the loop point.


Have you tried cubic projection / front / with tex tag length U / length V @25% ?


Maybe I’m not doing it correctly, but I am still seeing seams when I do it this way with texture space, and it doesn’t loop with world space. I’m using a cubic projection instead of UVW.