How to make exposed parameters user friendly in engine?


Good morning everybody!

So I’m working on a cement tiles substance, which I want highly customisable. The substance is made of
several patterns, each one in a separate graph with exposed parameters,
combined in a “master graph” in which I’m using a Tile Sampler Color to
put them together using the Mask Random data.

I’d like the choice of pattern and their modification to be user friendly in engine (I have
14 for now but I plan to have much more in a final version) but with
that setup I have so much parameters that it’s hardly understandable for
someone who didn’t work on the substance.

For now, I’d like the user to be able to choose the patterns he wants, and then to modify
them. It would be a good start already So if you have any idea on how to simplify this task I’ll be glad to hear it!

Thank you in advance