How to import a mesh to animate?


This one should have been pretty obvious to find. But for some strange reason I didn’t find it in the Help file, nor with Google :frowning:
For now I’m not interested in modeling in Messiah (assuming it can model). All I want is to animate a mesh I made in Blender.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone would share some info on this.



Ok, it seems “loading” does the same thing.
Now, how come instead of seeing the actual mesh, I only see a sphere like the one in this image?
Btw, I exported to .OBJ format from Blender. Should I use a different format? Could this be the reason (maybe OBJ is not quite working)?


OBJ should work fine, I do that from Silo…if Blender will export LWO try that.

Now, is this a mesh made of quads, and maybe some tris? Messiah doesn’t do Ngons.



I use wings3d as my modeler and the scale in messiah is 10x that of wings for obj files. If I don’t resize my model I see the same thing you are seeing when I bring it into messiah. If I zoom or dolly the camera way back I see my incredibly huge model.

To fix this I have my obj export settings in wings3d set to export the model at a scale of .1.

Hope this helps


messiah is not a modeler


Thanks a bunch for your replies guys.
SRT, I’ll give a try to that. I get the feeling that’ll be the solution.



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