How to get list of all .ass files of maya file(.ma)


I want to list all files that are referenced in the maya file. I am using python cmd .

file_ = cmds.file(query=1, list=1,withoutCopyNumber=1)

This command gives all the .ma files and texture files but it does’t give .ass files .
Anyone can tell me how to get all .ass files too ?


Seems to work correctly for me (2018.4). I made a cube, exported as ass, new scene, referenced in the ass file and ran your command. It did return the ass file in the results.

Are you sure your asses (:D) are referenced and not imported as standins?


I actually imported ass files as a Standins.How to get list of that ?


I think you will need to query the standin nodes, something like:

assFiles = list(set([cmds.getAttr(n + '.dso') for n in'aiStandIn')]))
print assFiles

(the .dso attrib holds the file path)


The file path editor does also list .ass files


yes file path editor also lists all .ass files but i want to do it using maya python cmd