How to get all the image sources filenames with VBScript


Hey, guys

I’m a novice to scripting with Softimage’s VBScript. I 'm wondering how to get all the image sources filenames. In maya, it’s quite easy, but with softimage, seems need a lot of skill to do that. Any help would be very appreciated.


ok, i got it after several days study.
first u need to get all the 3dobjects, then u can retrieve the properties of the object, then with property “material”, u can use a paramter to accomplish it.
the code is like this:



that’s not the best way.

in XSI, all the material are in the material library. there is no need to enumerate all objects, you can enumerate all the materials directly.

but even better, all the image clips and image sources are in their own respective containers, called Sources.Image or Clips.Image

The EnumElements command creates collection from the children of something

set ImageSourceList = EnumElements( "Sources.Image", TRUE, 0 )
for each source in ImageSourceList
	LogMessage source.Filename


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