How to Fix Double Transformation Issues in Maya dont use maya


How to Fix Double Transformation Issues in Maya

solution given turn off inherit transform of offending path and profile

so how do you group ALL the curves the path and profile AND the box final geo and extruded surface and move it ALL without getting a double transform, it would solve mayas biggest problem,
your solution turn off inherit transform on offending parts leaves the curves far from the box, maybe the box is in a city far away, you need the curves in that position as well.

Ask DT: Maya - How to Fix Double Transformation Issues

solution given delete history on extruded surface cable

What both youtubers are ACTUALLY saying is you cannot have parametric history without a double transform in maya, yet other programs do not have a double transform at all…for exactly the same build method and group move.

The whole point is to keep history, add your bevels , solidify extrudes , filleted booleans at the end,
and go back and change ALL the base geo inputs…
the youtubers accept maya has a problem autodesk maya for some reason do not.

its like a counteract double transform attribute is needed to be added on surfaces when used in a group,
this however will not solve instancing with full history, grouped instances, or converting such instances to another object and keeping a seperate full history…

now you see why i go on and on about mayas fundamentally flawed structure…regards its history
i would think every single plugin developer mash, hardmesh, must have come slap bang against this
issue and solved it while autodesk refuses to.


lets quote ilm or any vfx company…

job environment artist.

" we are especially interested in houdini artists"

autodesk maya see above and ask yourself wether you can afford not to fix the whole double transform debacle
especially with instances grouped with history flipped -1 across any axis.





  1. you need a fully parametric 3d program DO NOT USE MAYA.
    mayas history stack is based on a one shot face,edge vertex selection
    that cannot ever be reused, if you change the original number of faces,edges, vertices

  2. if one object(say curve) is used with another object to build a surface, any attempt to move as
    a group will cause a double transformation, you may think turning off inherit transform
    will save your arse, but if your surface involves multiple paths and multiple profiles from different geo maya
    wont know what transform its inheriting it really only likes one directly above, or poor maya gets as confused as you will be.

further more setting world to local space you think would help on the profile curve, but no it means you lose the ability to scale the curve except by scaling cvs.

  1. grouping, you get mayas i dont know wether to switch on or off inherit tranform all the way down the history stack , pot luck approach.

really means any attempt by the operator to group all the related building blocks and final output surfaces into one group,
without a double transform happening is not possible, you really need seperate groups for building blocks and another for final surfaces.

so the operator soon gets lost as all the elements of an object are not in the same group.

  1. then try and instance the above in a group with a full history stack, in mayas spaghetti node editor,
    specially designed so you cant find anything useful…
    well thats ok because its basically a useless one shot node editor, you cannot copy and paste nodes
    as it has the embeded original face selections that are not visible/accessible to you the user.

furthermore it doesnt know what to instance in the group the final surfaces or the start curves, maya literally does not know what an instance is as in normal parametric programs,convert from instance to an object with full history like houdini, 3dsmax, cinema 4d …sorry no in maya you cannot,

you will be lucky if your object doesnt flat out disappear of the screen as though it never existed…
thats because in truth mayas instances dont really exist, unless all history is deleted and they do not sit in a group at all.

  1. so then what is maya a one shot poly modeller (see 3rd world) you are best of deleting the history on as soon as possible, and use that alone for animation and instancing…an approach that suited the past…
    but we are not in the past…the future is parametric…and maya isnt.

wish you read all this on a sticker on the learn maya box, still if they put it on a sticker…no b…s
it pretends to be but is not


after a lot of thought, i pronounce DOUBLE TRANSFORMATION in maya
to be the biggest ultimate achilles heel ever faced by a single piece of software,

it literally stops any hope of a usable parametric history at every level of any node editor now or in the future
that maya develops.

back to houdini, 3dsmax, cinema4d, modo,blender for your cities
unless you think mash can do it…or bifrost…no it cant


oh well stick to the advice in previous posts


clearly cant remember this sort of stuff

thanks again for help given by all

i still think houdini and 3dsmax are better with the history stack and nested groups and instances
but can see maya power users have their methods… i find it strange i can do it easily in houdini and
3dsmax but struggle in maya…the point about wether you can be truly parametric in polys is
completely fair, changing polycounts stops any parametric approach especially regards subdivision
and smoothing of surfaces and adding detailed cuts, nurbs wins that one.

it could be done in polys but needs a re hink of how poly surfaces are defined, a surface and boundaries,
not faces.

maya approach is:
all paths profiles set to local not worldspace, freeze transforms on scales
when put in a group the surface will have its inherit tranform automatically switched off by maya switcch back on,
before doing any group moves,
scale only using top group node

if you boolean afterwards the surfaces accessing the parts that made up the boolean and there history very difficult not sure at all, same problem accessing any fillet/bevel at their intersection.

now i see why houdini or 3dsmax better