how to extend the layer palette?


Hi Guys ,

i have a quick question , is there any way to make the layer palette longer by dragging it down like in photoshop. I am trying to no avail its locked size it seems and its very very annoying to work with anything over 5 layers.

Thanks in advance.


yes, just drag off the layers palette then scale it as normal (and redock it if you want, though i prefer the layers to be seperate from channels myself so i just snap it back into place).

i do wish that painter would have tabbed palettes though.


Yea thats the problem , it doesnt let me scale it the size is fixed for some reason , i can make it smaller but not larger :\


make sure you undocked it properly from the channels/paths palette that it may be docked with before trying to resize it (i.e. grab the bar where it says “Layers” and drag it right off). i can scale it up to any length here).


Hey, I didn’t know you could do that. It’s been buggin me too. Thanks!


Luna and others,

The following Painter 8 and Painter IX Palettes (in alphabetical order), when displayed independently, can be resized:

Color Sets
Image Portfolio
Selection Portfolio

All Painter 8 and Painter IX Custom Palettes, when displayed independently, can be resized.


Thanks man that was it. It is stupid though , it was undocked when i was trying it , i had to dock and undock again then it worked.


Oh thanks that was bothering me a lot!


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