How to export .FBX and include the rest pose?


I’m trying to export a skeleton motion clip from the R23 content browser as an .fbx, so far so good, but is it possible to include the rest pose (reference pose) in that .fbx?

The reference pose is stored on the Character Definition tag and I want to include that in my .fbx export as the rest pose. I guess this has highlighted my lack of understanding of the fbx format. But if I download some motion from Mixamo and import that fbx into Houdini, I can select ‘rest pose’ and the skeleton will go to the t-pose/bind pose… So I’m just trying to figure out where and how this is stored and labelled in an fbx file.


… this is what Maxon say in the manual… is anyone able to elaborate upon this because I can’t seem to figure out what they mean. The weight tag sits on the geometry mesh, and if I click reset bind pose, the skeleton will assume its bind pose, but for me this isn’t getting transferred in the .fbx.

To make sure that a rigged character’s bind pose and other poses are generated correctly when re-imported into Cinema 4D or when imported into other applications, all Joint objects must have a corresponding Weight tag assigned to them and they must be set in all poses.