How to exclude RigidBody-Objects from colliding


Hey guys,
I have a rather advanced scene where a membrane is supposed to separate two different liquids (liquid A squeezes through holes in the membrane - see the picture for this, B bounces off the same object). The liquids are supposed to look like different bubble-like particles, so I set them up as clones with softBody tags. For each particle system alone it looks pretty good, A quizzes through a collider with holes, B bounces off a solid collider (same shape only without holes)… but I can’t combine them. For this I have to be able to define a collider for each particle system that only works on that system.

So, is there a way to exclude rigidBody-tags from a collider?
Or how would you fulfill this task? XParticles is also an option, but can I use rigidSoftBodys with xparticles? I’ve also tried using the xpDeformer method, but the bubbles don’t behave as you’d expect from bubbles.

Thank you in advance for your help!!