How to do some color correction of some texture in Redshift? I mean to do basic corrections as levels and gamma?


Some best nodes for dayly usage? I mean i want for example edit some alpha mask for reflections… so i want to correct the white and black areas to be what i want less contrast, less white or black etc… but i found that i have problem to fins some node as i found Color Correct and Color Change range as only those worked for my purposes…

But why i cannot change my alpha with Color Correct node only? there is option to change gamma but it doesn’t work for me… any suggestions? Thank you!


Feed the colour correction nodes through a ramp, you can use the colour splitter and just work on the alpha channel.


I am sorry i was littlebit confused, by the alpha mask i meant just black and white mask i use for make some changes at specific places on the image texture… so i asked for some redshift node just for edit levels, contrast etc of some texture…


Use the ramp-node for that. It sounds strange at first, but it’s simple and fast to use. The luminosity of your black&white-image are remapped to the gradient of the node, giving you full control.


Hello Keppn, thank you for your tip, i have already tried that node and it kinda worked, i have to manually set those two black and white values up first in that ramp gradient area and it kinda did what i wanted, but first i was looking for some sollution “all in one node” quick basic correction node with all kind of stuff like contrast gama etc… but instead i found to be useful Color Correct and Color Change range and Ramp node now.