How to create realistic squashed ribbon


Another question for my ongoing soap packaging modelling job. I ned to create a little ribbon that acts as a pull tag for a carton lid.

I’ve made a decent start to the model, but I’m stuck figuring out how to add folds etc where the ribbon gets squished and folded where it joins the carton.

I’ve tried using the magnet tool, but the texture gets distorted too much.

Anyone know how to approach this? Can I use cloth? Should I carry on trying to sculpt it and then adjust the UVs to remove the distortion? Or should I be look at creating this in a proper cloth package like Marvellous Designer?


unwrap uv first and then do with brush or deformers to change the shape…! When shape done then once more relax uv, it will be fine, no distort.


tried that - set up a uv map, did some magnet tool pulling and pushing, then selected all the UVs and hit relax and nothing changed, texture still distorted

file attached if you want to have a look , with uvs set up but no sculpting done (366.7 KB)


no ideas what you want to achieve… try this, uv fixes, and when your mesh shape done… relax uv. (156.4 KB)


I want to achieve what is in my original pic of the real ribbon, the ribbon is tucked together where it enters the carton.

I still see distortion in your file, not much, but it’s there.

What I’d really like to be able to do is manipulate the model as if it’s a piece of cloth, so when I pull or push one area, the rest follows, so that all the vertices maintain their relationship in 3d space to each other.


I’m getting closer to where I want to be, I’ve been experimenting with cloth and colliders, and got the ribbon to fall and wrap around a kind of lollipop stick. With cloth the polys and therefore the texture don’t get seem to distorted at all which is great.

Is it possible to drop or push’ objects onto/into my cloth, to introduce kinks and dents? Or do I have always have to drop the cloth onto an object?


I saw this technique a long while ago for doing bathroom towels in towel rings.

Make a torus that is larger than your cloth piece and set it to a cloth collider. add the cloth tag to your cloth piece and turn off gravity. Make the torus an editable mesh and then in object mode, animate its scale so it shrinks and inches your cloth piece down to the size of your hole.

You’ll have to tweak the cloth settings to get the look you want, but here is what i got in a couple of minutes. Keeps the UVs intact too!


Down with your file. Note, that i had to scale everything up 10x to get the cloth sim to behave. You can always scale back down

If you choose to do this, I’d suggest not going quite so large on the scale as i did since the wrinkles end up looking so small. It makes the cloth look really large. You’ll have to experiment with scale and cloth settings to get the look that you show in your reference photo, but the technique should work.

Ribbon (886.1 KB)


That is clever! Thanks.

It would be great if c4d had that ability that Marvellous Designer has where you can just push cloth around and it will stay put.