How to Create Painted Wood Planks in Substance Designer


Hey guys

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy

I have another Substance tutorial to share with you.

How to Create Painted Wood Planks in Substance Designer

In this video, Amiel will discuss the entire creation process of the painted wood planks material for the Holiday Cabin. This tutorial will help you to make your archviz scene as realistic as possible!

Table of content:
00:00 - Introduction
00:11 - Project setup
00:40 - Creating the planks
02:36 - Using the Flood Fill Node
03:56 - Breaking down the shapes
09:14 - Importing the planks
10:46 - Pixel Processor
12:28 - Creating the Roughness Map
13:40 - Creating the Base Color Map
14:38 - Exposing Parameters

I hope you will find it useful :slight_smile:



Just wanted to add a cool extension for the above tutorial.

3 Useful Tips in Adobe Substance Designer

In this video, Amiel goes through the design process behind the dark wood planks material, 3 useful tips for making Substance Designer easier, and a sneak peek into the full material creation process!

This is the part of The Cabin Series - a saga where our artists created an archviz scene from the scratch, using a multi-software working system and sharing their effects with the audience! Every Monday and Friday we will upload new videos to its playlist -