How to create not straight cuts/polygon selections?


Hello awesome people

This is my first here, so forgive me if i post this in wrong forum.

I work fullltime in the pharmaceutical industry. I am a proud father of 3 young boys (3, 5,7).
In my little sparetime i have left i use on my beloved hobby, which is learning 3D in cinema 4d.

I love the application, and truly wish i had more time in hand, i have no doubt that in a parallel world i work full time with 3D :-).

Anyways, lately i am really keen on creating characters in C4D. A little Cartoonish you can say.

In my low poly model, i want to create a ninja similar to the cartoon “hello Ninja”. When starting with the body, i can make a belt and extrude it to give that belt feel a like, but how on earth for the sake of my sanity here, do i create a screwed angled polygon selection?
Like a selection going from upper left shoulder, down to right side hip? Hope this makes sence, sorry for my english here it is not my native language.

Do i make cuts with the knife? There must be an easier way…

It is so hard when you have tons of questions and no teacher… My teacher for now is google (youtube).

Br Hamid


Well, either you cut the polygons that you have to get the desired edge flow.
OR you apply a displacement map as a texture, where the system subdivides your polys at rendertime according to the projected image.
OR you create the shoulder belt as separate object (which you can either constrain to the body then, or simulate as cloth).
OR you can have it as part of the body mesh as another island (group of interconnected polygons that are not connected to other poly groups). You would probably want to model it separately and merge it later, though.
OR you sculpt your character with the sculpting tools in a much higher polygon resolution.


…sometimes picture with small description directly in image tells more.