How to attach textures on a real green screen object (photo inside)



I am trying to put photorealistic textures on a real life cube with the size of 20 inches each side.
I will have it spinning on a rod. I will film it with a camera.

I was thinking that instead of going to a modeling program like cinema4d and making a cube there, I have a real cube.

Then track a texture, as real as possible, on each side and make the cube spin. Idea is to make it look real. There should be light sources too added in nuke so each side reflects when they spin.

ANy ideas? Can nuke do this? I actually am a beginner but this is my first project. THANKS YOU


Now if this thing should be done in a 3d program where they render the textures so they look even more real, please tell.

But the biggest idea is having a real green screen cube filmed when its spins, and then put on the computer and just add textures.


Heres a video of something similar:

He has a green screen sock on hand and then the hands movements are tracked and a robot attatched.

Now instead of having a complicated robot like that, what if he had a simple cube as the green screen. And then add textures and render.

Like how should that be done?