How possible is this in native C4D? [solved]


I think blender has a concept of “volume depth” here. The blurriness on the monkey doesn’t appear “constant”, Seems like the geometry closer to the surface is more clear.

Is there a node for this “depth” effect ? Can Redshift achieve a result like this ?


I don’t see anything particularly special about them in regards to depth (volume effects), so probably just noise in roughness, bump / normals on the surface will give you the same effect in almost all render engines.

However, if you do want depth effects, like cloudiness it’s a bit trickier in native C4D. It has Absorption via Transparency no problem but not volume scattering which would give the cloudiness. I’m sure some kind of approximation could be build via the nodes using Rays but not easily.

In the very distant past I would render a base beauty pass and then a volume light pass to fake the cloudiness effect. It was quite good but nothing like proper scattering.

I’m fairly sure all third party engines that come to mind all have some kind of scattering/absorption.


Definitely available in Arnold…


Refractive roughness is what makes something sharper close to surface and softer deeper in the surface. Absorption is what can tint/darken over depth. No volume should be needed for this type of effect.

Standard render, physical render and prorender all can do this.


Where can I find Refractive Roughness in R20 ?


Transparency channel, blurriness.