How Much Has C4D Cost You Since R12 ?


It was just a joke Paul - I think your plugins are fairly priced. :slight_smile:


yes i also re new my MSA, it just saves me 100.-euros or more every ear.


I haven’t upgraded since R14 because there hasn’t been anything in there particularly useful for an arch. viz guy, or paid the MSA (but I have paid the Cineversity subs), so that’s saved me… anyone? No, I’m not sure either.
I think I’ll upgrade to R17 this time. I’ve also got to include the cost upgrading to Vray 3.25 when it arrives.
So that’s about 1050 GBP for the upgrade + the vray cost. Is that cheaper than staying on the MSA train?

Couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t afford to go to Arnold!


I know, and please accept my apology for that outburst. That’s just me freaking out about paying too much tax again. Maybe I should just shut up and move to greece, where apparently nobody gives a sh*t about paying tax. I could then slash my prices :slight_smile:



I think Angela Merkel is in charge in Greece as well ; )


She certainly is now. :slight_smile:


Oh, I don’t doubt you for a minute… probably a “few bad eggs” kind of scenario. Though I do admit that with all the new talent the media schools put out in the market on a monthly basis the job hunt is difficult… it was almost a year before I picked up any meaningful work… mostly because I wanted to stay local for some time.

Given your opinion on how the colleges here negatively affect the market, I guess I should doubly thank you for the donated time on the farm you gave me during my graduating months… I still owe you beers sir! :beer:



I think I started with the most minimal version of C4D Go, got me roped in with a space goodies disk. I eventually upgraded to the 7XL with a used license transfer. Then I upgraded to Studio at R12 with the MSA. (I’ve kept up with the yearly and mid year upgrades since 7, that’s a lot of upgrades.)
Since I’m a hobbyist and work in graphic arts anymore, I don’t think I’ve ever actually made any money with Cinema. I make graphics and art for myself and my friends, used to get involved with online contests. (Biggest prize was picking next month’s contest.)

So yeah, I think I’d appreciate a non-commercial license option. I understand the value of the package and I’ve been paid up & legit but it seems like many of the people I see that are farting around at my level are using cracked versions. It would be nice for a compromise license that would let me screw around non-commercially without resorting to warez.

   That sounds familiar, particularly with how you mentioned the space goodies disk which for me actually came on a PC Format magazine, with a full working version of V5.3 SE ( special edition ). To go to V6.0 XL was only £200 which I though was really good value. Prior to this I actually used Cinema 4D R2.0 on my old Amiga 1200 what would of been around 1996.

Before picking up C4D I had explored other free 3D options such as Strata 3D, Truespace, Blender, Amapi 3D, Vue D’ Esprit. All quite crash prone where as C4D rarely crashed in my time using it and I found it easy enough to learn. My C4D upgrade path was (XL based- 6.0 / 8.0 / 9.0 /10.0 /11.0 and finally 11.5 . Like yourself, I was a casual user, I was a regular member of 3DBuzz from 2002 also, I used Cinema 4D a lot for my Multimedia course, prior to this, 3D stuff was what I did to relax after a long day working in a food factory where I got home after 11pm at night. If I wasn’t producing music, I was doing 3D, rarely did these paths ever cross to the same point with the exception to uni/college projects.

   I guess Cinema 4D for me serves a purpose but not necessarily a monetary one as of yet. I build and design concept models / assets which I can then use for digital instrument design, that may be a route I can actually make C4D pay for itself but other than being stuck with an antiquated bevel tool, I'm relatively ok with the extensive plugin's I have. I will try and use C4D for the creation of music video's, the Mograph module will likely be key in that, I'm not sure how the hair module will be used in that but it will be good to help give visuals to what I do.
   In terms of value for money in 3D applications I've bought I'd have to award ZBrush that even though I use it in a limited way. I bought Zbrush through a friend of a friend that lived in Columbia who wanted to concentrate more on real life painting tools. I've never had to pay for an upgrade since acquiring it April 2011 where I only paid £260 inc vat for it, the new tools and updates are great but I still find it's UI quite intimidating, it's still not quite as stable as I wish it would be using the deformation tools, I've a friend that hasn't been able to replicate the issue but anyways..
   I find that when it comes to software, I don't like to be force handed into an upgrade especially in advance when I don't know what the next upgrade is going to contain and if it's really going to benefit me. The advent of this with R12 and the corporate holding back of this information and product stair casing was a complete turn off, and really removed any trust I once had with Maxon. The image of Maxon is corporate black suite's rather than the honest and once enthusiastic, passionate team that delivered the best product they could for the money, I guess they moved on and Maxon HQ left third party developers to do the leg work in developments.
   Things need to change imop, and in proving casual users a well rounded product they can use for a reasonable entry level price, it's where I started.


I am a Studio Bundle user since 8.0 so a lot. I don’t want to think about it.


How Much Has C4D Cost You Since R12 ?

Couple of girlfriends, mainly. And some money.


:applause: :beer:


A question I originaly asked back in 2015, so probably a good time to quiz your brains again with Maxon’s big change in price and structure,


r14 through r20 here. It cost me nothing because the Network I work for, paid for it.


It technically hasn’t cost me anything since I use it to make a portion of my income.


Try running a music studio in their back yard. Multi-million dollar ante, and all the same issues.


I don’t keep track, if I did it would probably depress me. I know it’s a tax write off, which I like calculating against my owed amount come end of the year. The reality is, the more I splurge on software and hardware, the less I owe the man at the end of the day.


Well, to be honest it hasn’t COST me a single thing, since it is a part of the tool set with which I make my living, and my income is considerably more than the outlay for this software. So it’s actually made me money rather than cost me money.