How many support CPU core?


How many support CPU core?

AMD Opteron 6176SE, 6172, 6168 (12Core ) + TYAN S8812WGM3NR ( 4 Cpu Socket )
So… can make 48core

Use all cpu core? It’s possible?


CINEMA 4D supports up to 64 threads for rendering so yes, a 4 way 12 core system is fully useable.
Don’t expect the price/performance ratio to be good though, the hardware is pretty costly and the OS will set you off a couple of hundred bucks as well since afair the only windows OS supporting 4 sockets is Windows Server Enterprise.


Do you mean Cinema 4D uses more threads then Cinebench?
I saw a test about the Xeon7560

From this test I understood that the ratio price/power consumption/price is not that good.


Nope the cinebench 10 didn’t support 64 cores, but thats an old version the latest cinebench does just fine.

EDIT: perhaps because it is R11’s core it is still 32core, R12 is when they expanded to 64cores


R11.5 already supported 64 threads (like r12 does). But both have a problem (on Windows) that the OS function that returns the number of logical cores (aka threads) doesn’t work as it is supposed to be when dealing with more than 32 (it just returns 32 even if there are 64).

That was fixed by MS with a new API that also supports more than 64 logical cores (e.g. in the latest Windows Server versions).

None the less you can simply specify the number of rendering threads (up to 64) manually in the preferences of CineBench r11.5, Cinema r11.5 & r12 if you want to …

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Oh boy! 638W idle!
1.13kW under load…


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