How many Latinamericans here?


HAHAHAH That’s awesome! That just made my day. OMG that’s just gold, I need to get this, it comes out in December. Can’t wait, Look at the cover… LOL.


Hola, que bueno este post, desafortunadamente no he podido leer todos, pero aqui esta mi saludo desde Guatemala…



From Belize living in denmark:wavey:


still alive this thread wow!

saludos desde tokyo hermanos


Tambien soy hispano. Arriva el d.f.!

But, yeah I was suprised to see this topic. I used to think that hispanic males or females in this industry were rare. After leaving my UC and coming to my current college It’s always been like that for me.

But it’s very comforting to know there’s a good amount out there :slight_smile:

edit: haha, this thread is old!


hi all, I’m swiss, but live in venezuela now. i’ve seen quiet a lot of grafix related companies here but none yet that has adequate equipment/applications/employees, where are they? :Dok, I haven’t been to caracas yet…


Si si TICO presente!

Costarricense pero viviendo en Nueva Zelanda por el momento.


Hey, soy de Puerto Rico


saludos a todos desde tijuana :wavey: soy de jalisco pero trabajo en baja california :slight_smile:


Increíble, como continúa creciendo este thread!!, al cual tengo que dar gracias, porque gracias a este tema… lo conocí a mi futuro marido… :smiley: yo soy argentina y él peruano…
lo que es el destino! :love:


Don’t know why these threads keep getting dug up from the depths of the forum.
Does ethnicity really matter? Yes, there are many of all different race, religion and gender here. Case closed … go draw something!


Ok I talked to Kirt, and we are cool now…


Wasn’t this thread posted in the general area? What the hell is it doing in here?


I Moved it here…as a favor


Woa, im very happy to see this thread in here. I was very disapointed when i saw it was closed in the general discussion forum.

Im aware that the “Cg Society Members Only” forums doesn´t have the same movement that the “normal” forums do, but still, it is something, and i greatly appreciate Roberto´s concern.

I will try to post some info relevant to the latin american culture related to the cg world so it wont be lost due to inactivity.

And i hope people still post here from time to time.

I think this thread has some great value to our culture. (geez, even that Marina gal knew her future husband through this thread :smiley: )


presente! otro argentino!


Hola a todos,

Yo soy de Nicaragua/Costa Rica pero vivo en San Francisco California.

Martin Romero


Hola soy Carlos de Chile, vivo en Australia .Paciencia,somos muchos Latinos.


Hi ,revice todas las paginas del 1 al 46 me dio mucho gusto de ver que hay tantos buenos artistas de habla hispana,los felicito. Me gustaria saber de quien fue la idea de este forum in spanish. De antemano lo felicito. Es muy interesante y bueno.


que pasa,nos cansamos?