How many Latinamericans here?


yeah, the age groups, genders, ethnic groups, are all being measured. I have a feeling very very very few of us have a Latinamerican background or currently live in Latinamerica


que pasa raza :beer:


ok, debi haber sido mas optimista
vamos gente, digan presente!


im hella spanish


somos 3… hmmm debe haber mas gente por aqui…
soy originalmente de Peru, se que hay brazileros tambien por aqui… y conozco por lo menos 2 mexicanos aqui tambien, y un argentino, y un ecuatoriano… donde está toda la gente man


eu so do Brasil

‘yo soi del Brasil’

valeu :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Mais um do Brasil aqui!

(Maybe there are thousands of Latinoamericanos around - and we are all just very shy to vote on a poll… :shrug: )


Soy Mexicano - y Puertoriqueno!
Que pasa?


Me llamo

Daniel Colon, Jr.


Me too!

From Brasil!!:thumbsup:


I’m not Latin American but I wanna be!:slight_smile:

I lived in San Miguel De Allende and Puerto Escondido, Mexico for three years. Love the food, the people, and the chiquitas!!!:drool:


I am Puertorrican.
Come on my fellow Puertorricans show me that I am not the only one here!.



Brasil il il il
:bounce: :bounce:

Alô Belo Horizonte!!!
:wavey: :wavey: :wavey:




I’m Mexican American !! Does that count???

My mama is Mexican and my dad was a white boy from Boston.

Anyways, A big bear hug to all my Latino brothers and sisters…especially the sisters (MUHAHAHA)…


Tecate con Limon y sal for EVERYBODY !!! Vamonos!!!


hey guys have you meet any Latin girls who are into 3d?

In all my years doing this, I have only meet one girl from Puerto Rico.



I can’t find any girls from ANYWHERE that like 3D. I can find about a couple thousand that like PHOTOSHOP and all that stuff, but 3D scares them. It would be nice to meet a fine honey that knows what a sub-d is.



hola amigos , yo se que hay mucha gente de hable hispana en este foro , pero la malloria son de spain, bueno se les hace dificial haller una girlfriend que es into cg , hehe bueno yo soy de el salvador pero ahora vivo en canada , la tierra de mucha gente que no sabe manejar un carro y solo le gusta el hockey :thumbsup:


Rayfusion, yo vivo en North Delta!
Yo tampoco se conducir auto, jaja
Hace cuanto que vives por aqui?


Morava na Bahia, alguns anos. Ja faz muito tempo, mais ainda tenho saudades!!

Viva Brazil!!


By the way, I know a few latina girls that work in 3D
but they all live in Peru, haha

But I think that there must be tons of latinamerican women doing flash, and graphic design. So, I know that a number of them could be interested in stepping into the 3D biz

This is cool, the poll isn’t being uzed much, but I am beginning to feel a sense of community among latinamericans.
A special greeting to all the brazilians here!!

Don’t be shy, if you are latinamerican, say it out loud man!!