How make disproportionate deformation cartoon-eye?


I need eye how such as on hicture right. I made easy this shape in LW and save how morph. Cartoon- eye doing in Messiah, but earlier need deformation in even ellipse and deformation eye in setup. How make such as deformation in Messiah how on picture right ?


Sorry, revision question :
Can I deform eye without bones? I want deform eye with help morph and control how cartoon-eye in messiah.


o to the setup tab, effects and select MorphBlender. While the mesh you want to apply the morphs to is selected hit the “+” button. Then select the generated cluster item. Down below, you’ll see a create cluster panel. If you have a mesh format with vmap morphs (lwo, lxo) this will automatically create morph sliders. If you have seperate meshes, you can manually create sliders and assign the morphs.
You don’t need the sliders to be active. You can drive a morph by an expression by aiming it at the slider without it being visible.


Here is how at by me work cartoon-eye without morph. Rotate contorler- ball.
Thats right !!!:thumbsup:

And here is with morph. Rotate contorler-  [b]ball.[/b]

lost effect “cartoon-eye” :shrug:



I think you might get more competent feedback from the tDs over at setuptab…
Here’s a link straight to the rigging threads:

Also… there was a tutorial somewhere… I’ll have a look when I have time. (Very stressed at the moment)


Use LatticeDeformer, you can move the points on the lattice with a morph or with PointAnimation


This is so simply! I use x-form and weight map in LW. But this simplicity-in great experience.Many thanks Ulven!

BUT !!!

In during move and rotate bone head,eye incomprehensibly deformation.
May be wrongly hierarchy?


Build up a morph target in your modeler and set up some morphs for it. I use a lot of morph targets for facial stuff it works quite good for that kidn of thing.


with morphs? In post № 4 on picture i show: at by me morphs not work with cartoon-eye?


Well I am not a pro bu t I have had best luck often using morph blender and making the deformed version in my modeler and importing it as a moph target remember to click on the use pre deformed points under bone deform, animation target object options.

Anyways ask some of the pros here.


What version of Messiah are you using? messiah 3 or Messiah 4.

If you are using Messiah 4, it now have Lattice so you mimic the tutorial in Maya for doing Cartoon eye



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