How important is programming for graphics?


I notice some games or apps run nicely using any given engine (cryengine, ue4, etc.) and some games that aren’t nearly as complex run like crap on the same engines. Is this more due to programming optimization? Are the engines themselves not optimal out of the box and need to be modified with C++ in order to get some of the smooth frame rates and visuals I see in some complex games? I’m just beginning to learn all of this and if programming is important for performance then I’ll start learning C++ alongside modeling/animating.


Optimized engines usually mean engines written from scratch. Many game companies do that for mobile games.

Programming is not easy. Seriously ask yourself if you want to go down that path. Writing little scripts to speed up your workflow is 1 thing. Knowing enough programming to be able to optimize game engine is a whole other beast. Not to mention Algorithm. . It will take couple years of hard studying to get there and you can forget modeling/animating.

Else, hire programmers. That’s what they do and trained to do.


The reason I asked was because I see games like Ark Survival, which I love, but performance is incredibly poor even on my GTX780. I was quite surprised to see that it was using Unreal Engine 4. I really thought it would run much better on such an engine. I’d like to learn how to build a game from scratch (of course no where near that complex), or some interactive real time type stuff with 3D, and I fear that it will run like crap if I don’t know something about programming. I’d be very picky about the performance of whatever I create, not just how it looks.