How do you set up your tablet & pen?


I have been a lurker here for a couple of years and just use Painter IX.5 for a hobby. But I was wondering if I could pick up any useful productivity tips on how the people who use Painter everyday or for a living set up there tablet and pen?

I use a Wacom Intuos 3 and keep mine as follows:

Tablet: I am left handed so I disable the touch pads on the left side. Too many accidensts!
The slider on the right I use for zooming
The large button on the right I use for TAB
The two small buttons for incremental fine tuning brush size up and down accordingly.
The bottom horizontal button for UNDO

The pen setup is as follows:

Two quick taps of the tip for a double click
The bottom button on the pen is Modifier “CTRL + ALT” for on the fly brush resizing
The top button is Right Click

How do you people use yours? Any good suggestions?

Thanks for your input.



I’m lefty as well. :smiley:

I have my tablet buttons on the right set up like this:

I don’t use the sliders so they’re off.
The large button is undo.
The top small button is set to zoom to actual pixel size.
The bottom small button is set to zoom out to fit on screen.
The very bottom button flips horizontally so I can catch mistakes easily.

On my pen the dou switch zooms in and out incrimentally.


My wacom setup is as follows, which I find quite useful (I’m right handed!):

[u][b]Left buttons:[/b][/u] 
[b]CTRL+ALT		SHIFT				 Touch Strip[/b]
Allowing brush resize	Allowing constrained drawing	 Use to be 
							 CTRL Num +
			[b]ALT[/b]				 and
			Useful when combined with	 CTRL Num -
			Space (below) for paper 
			rotation			 for step zooming,
							 but now reset to
	 [b]SPACE[/b]						 Auto Scroll/Zoom due
	 For Panning (and paper rotation)		 to Painter X bug!
[u][b]Right buttons:[/b][/u]
[b]Touch Strip		CTRL+ALT+0			 CTRL[/b]
			Zoom to 100%			 Incase I need CTRL
CTRL+Z			Set now due to			 on it's own.
Undo			Left Trouch strip 
			zoom problem with
and			Painter X.
Redo			[b]CTRL+S[/b]
			For a quick Save
Allows for a rapid 
Undo Redo ability			 [b]CTRL+ALT+F[/b]
					 Custom key assigned to
					 Flip Horizontally
[b][u]Grip Pen Rocker switches:[/u][/b]
Upper set to CTRL+Y (Redo)
Lower set to CTRL+Z (Undo)
allows for easy Stroke/Undo sequences!

Anyway that’s it.




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