How do you manage learning drawing and sculpting at the same time?


Hello !

I want to become a 3D character artist ,but I read alot that you need at least some drawing skills ,and I don’t mind that at all ,since I love both sculpting and drawing .But you see ,I don’t know where to start exactly ,nor how to organize myself ,I thought of buying some online course for digital art and one for sculpting characters so I can start on a good basis .

What’s your opinion ?Thanks!


Completely disagree you need to learn both. Can you link the source that told you that?

Character Artists need to have a solid understanding of anatomy, lighting, texturing, composition, presentation.

Plenty of youtube tutorials that show you how to model in Mudbox/Zbrush without ever lifting up a pencil. Watch those first, practice and make an actual character before trying to draw.

As a personal disclaimer, there is nothing actually wrong with learning how to draw, but don’t treat it as a pre-requisite to being a 3D Artist.


Oh really ? To be honest I couldn’t remember the sources ,all I remember is that it was from multiple CG forum posts that said you need to be able to draw to get hired or whatever ,anyway thanks alot for your help . I’ll continue learning Zbrush then.Do you have any recommendation for learning the fundamentals like anatomy ?


I’d recommend Anatomy For Sculptors

You can sculpt without any drawing experience, but can you sculpt well? If yes, then go on. I’ve seen one amazing 20 y.o. artist, who was simply a genius on form, and could stulpt like no other, and never took any anatomy classes.
If not, take the pencil, and study the fundamentals. It will take some time, but learning fundamentsls is always a good investment, regardless if you will work as a 3d artist or any other type.
I myself couldn’t sculpt well, until I took anatomy classes for two years. And even now, I still feel I need to work on artistic fundamentals, as knowing 3d software doesn’t magically turn you into a good artist.
Zbrush is a good start. It’s not technically burdened with topology and unwrapping, and you can concentrate on form and color.


thanks ,I guess I’ll learn the fundamentals as you say with a pencil while still practicing on zbrush .


I also ran into a similar problem, but my problem was not overlapping the two industries. I could not make my college studies and self-development in modeling work. I then succumbed to the temptation and used a special service for solving homework, I ordered an essay there, watched free examples of homework, and only after that I was able to devote more time to drawing and modeling.


An online course is a good way to polish our skills but I preferred physically practice in the organization.


Can you link the source that told you that?


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