How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated Once You're Out Of College?


Lol yeah looks like OP is gone here. I’ll add my 2 cents even though it’ll likely never get read, but oh well why not…

So in my primary career, I run a therapy practice in LA. It’s tough work and long hours and truly is a grind. Honestly, running your own business is stressful to the f*$king max. Any other business owners here that can attest to that?! But in my spare time, I like to create things. I was always into modeling when I was younger (started with Google Sketchup back in the day) and it always fascinated me.

I guess my biggest advice is to find something you are motivated by outside your career. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people with my therapy practice, but it’s not everything to me. I need other things to help balance me out and I use them as a crutch sometimes when necessary.

FYI if you’re still struggling, feel free to check out my blog on my site here about therapy in playa vista. I know one big result of “lack of motivation” become depression. I’ve seen that derail people all too often and my blog has some things to consider. Hope this helps!!


I tried getting in the online gaming business, but now I am only a customer with https://xn– since I am not very good at running business, but I like to play from time to time.


Hi, I appreciate your advice.

I would love to reduce my workload but unfortunately I need the money to pay rent and groceries, etc.

But I have started to gain my motivation again and I’m working on planning out my time around my work schedule to clean up my portfolio.
In the past few months I’ve come to realize how much I want to do something I’m actually passionate about. So I’m finally working hard to get what I want.

I have applied to many game jobs but I’ve only had one interview and very few responses back. So I need to work harder on my portfolio and demo reel to stand out.


Thanks so much for your response! I will give that a try.


Hey thanks for the tip! I will check out that series on YouTube. Also Google calendar could be helpful, I’ll try that as well. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your reply! I definitely need to update my reel. I’m working on planning it out now.

And definitely, I’ve started watching a tutorial for modeling a detailed asset from start to finish that has been extremely helpful.

I will check that video out. And yes of course you can! Although I think this reply is probably way too late now lol


Thank you for the response! This is much needed motivation. I appreciate that.


Hey thanks for the response!

Sorry, I’ve been absent from this post for a such a long time but I’m glad I came back to read everyone’s replies. I appreciate all of the help.
I’m finally more motivated than ever right now and I’m going to work hard to get the job that I want! I’m tired of being at a job I’m not happy at.

Also, thank you! I will check out your blog.


I’m sorry I’ve been away from this post for such a long time. I really do appreciate all of the responses and I’m happy I came back to read everything. It helps a lot!


Also, yes I built a portfolio and a demo reel at school but I definitely need to refresh it and update my work.


I am always motivated, as there is huge competition in a world that is developing rapidly. If you slow down even for a short while, you can fall out of your sphere. If you lack internal motivation, then look for it from the outside. I sometimes read articles about motivation with this page, including those that explain how best to motivate other people to act. This is also important enough.


Thanks a lot for your thoughts here. I fear the near future. My next semester is a diploma semester and I don’t know how to keep motivated.


Personally, it was hard to be motivated DURING the college. Tons of lectures and millioms of papers to hand in in time. expert-writers
really helped. I ordered some of the papers from them and could go for a walk or sleep 8 hrs instead of struggling with an essay


I like to use different to-do lists to stay motivated! Check these great templates by MasterBundles!