How Do You Do A Site Like Derbauer



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I think they used Macromedia Flash and probably Photoshop.


i want to know what kind of softwares they use for special effect…any 3d program…


There doesn’t appear to be any 3D used at all. I believe it’s just Flash and maybe a bit of photoshop or something.


Designs2 : Derbauer is using a mixture of 2D traditional animation with some 3D rendered bitmap elements for most of its sites. The fluid animation seen on many sites created by derbauer is caused by a large amount of rendered bitmaps between the tweens of an object. If you scroll down to past history you will see some older flash projects, that actually had a large Filesize like 5-6 MB. There is also a lot of use of After effects on their Project II and I .

If you like to make similar animation, i would suggest :

  • Keen knowledge of 3Dsmax ( and Mental Ray Shaders )
  • Some Post production FX learning ( i would suggest Discreet’s combustion )
  • Elite Knowledge of Flash MX or later.

Btw…the new MM flash will support Post-production FX directly! Check out :

Hope this helps you a bit. :slight_smile:


Everyone may be right: clever use of Flash and rendered bitmaps. I had come to that question myself when I first seen his site awhile back. Besides what the others have said, I believe he may have also used Maya or 3DSM for this current Flash page. I keep looking at the metal composite of alot of stuff on his site and other related links. The mercury looking stuff on the lower left hand side could be created in any variety of programs that I cannot say for sure.

What I would use (and have because of its value) Bryce. You can create some pretty nifty stuff in it to give you the same rendered 3-D effects that Derbauer has without having to fork over so much money for a high-end program such as Maya. And, of course, Photoshop. You can always paint a circle, and with a filter here and there, you got yourself a portal of brushed metal.

maxFX is right on the money with one thing: this guy has an elite knowledge of Flash and its scripting abilities. Even with actionscript programming tweaking, he would be capable of creating three dimensional elements (he claims on his site that “intelligent coding” is a key to their success). The programs that he uses for non-webpages is obvious, but the list of possibilities of what programs he has used to create his or anyone else’s webpage is endless. 3D programs, scripting, or rendered bitmaps? One way to find out: email him.


hey thanks alot guys…
hey Funeral Laugh i emailed him and got a automatic reply saiyng dont ask…how he did the effects…visit

anyway thanks for the help…


I second all of the previous comments and would add swift 3d to the pile of programs. I don’t think it was used here but it is a fun program to add 3D elements to a site.

If you liked this site check out . Their stuff is impressive as well.


What do you think is the best way to mix a rendered CG scene in with a flash file? Image sequence?


I prefer the sequence. But, when you compose your scene, make sure your Flash file frame rate is the same as your CG movie. It’ll make it easier to keep track of your frames/time when the sequence is placed. I usually go with 15fps, but with intros I go higher. And depending on how you want this scene to be layed out on your site, you can also go with Quicktime. I believe you can get an excellent compression value if you go Quicktime, BUT, it depends on what you want. ie: you have 2 animated movies on your page. One is liquid mercury like Debauer has on his page. This can be made from Quicktime with a continous loop of 5-7 frames. You design a portal like his in the center of your page. This you can use image sequence, perhaps 3-5 images, depending on what type of effect your going for.
It’s a matter of preference, what you are shooting for, and what your knowledge is of Flash.


Cool! Thanks!
Will definitely try that!


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