How do video games change the colors of characters skins/clothes


I have a new project and want to change the characters clothing and skin color without changing textures. What is a common method to do this? Just change the materials or make a mask texture to guide where the colors can be changed. I’m guessing they also adjust the light and dark values as well.

I’m open to any ideas suggestions at the point. I’ll be using Maya and have Substance Painter/Designer.


for basic colour changes you can slot an HSV node between your texture file and colour channel of your shader. just punch HSV into the search bar of your hypershade it’s called “remapHsv”. that’ll give you some hue shift, saturation and value control. you can then make an attribute on a group or whatever you want and connect it to the attributes in the HSV node. that will allow you to change colours in a somewhat nice way.