How do I separate the head and put it back again?



I have a humanoid rig which is a complete mesh. I need to separate the head from the body as a separate mesh do some work on it with joints (bind/unbind skin) and then put the head mesh back to the body mesh.

How can I do it? Please explain steps.


  1. Select all the faces of the head that you want to manipulate for the blendshape
  2. Go to Edit Mesh > Extract to separate out the head from the body - this makes them separate meshes/objects for a bit
  3. Duplicate the head and move this duplicate aside - this will be your blendshape base head (BSBH)
  4. Select the original head FIRST (the object selected first will retain its vertex order which is important to make the blendshapes work correctly), then select the body object and use the Combine button in the Modelling Toolkit to combine them into one object again
  5. Select the vertices around the separation point between the body and the head (you will want to box select these because there are separate vertices between the body and the head along this point overlaying each other)
  6. Go to Edit Mesh > Merge - this merges the vertices along the separation point so that they are one mesh shell again
  7. Rename the BSBH and duplicate it.
  8. Move this new duplicate aside and edit it to make the blendshape targets you desire. KEEP THE BSBH and leave it unedited so that you can just duplicate it over and over in order to create new target heads that you can make more blendshapes with.

Happy Rigging!