How do i composit a 3D environment into a green screen footage?


hello im new to VFX , ive read a lot of theory .now im finally tryint to bring in some action.

i tried googling , i didnt find exactly what i was looking for .so if someone be find to tell me the concepts and techniques in brief maybe i can google in the proper direction.

basically i am trying to find out how to composit terrains and 3D environments (vue,wm , terragen) into a green screen footage .i wonder cause if 2D images are brought into a compositing application , how are people able to move camera around like its a 3D environment .

Software : Vue , Unreal Engine , Maya , After Effects
sorry if i am too much …thanks in advance


What you’re probably seeing is either happening in the 3D application (vue/Terragen, etc) or more likely camera projection. This is when you’re supplied with geometry (often at a much lower subdivision), the camera and a high-resolution overscanned render. This is then projected onto the geo so that you can do some camera movement… This is just about setting up the background element to your comp.
The keying is a whole other subject…