How do I bake polygon reduction generator on rigged character mesh?


I downloaded high-poly rigged character from mixamo.
I wish to reduce polygon and make it to low-poly model, then I edit polygons as I wish.
I found there is a tool called Polygon Reduction Generator. So I can reduce polygons with this.

But thing is, I can’t modify mesh with reduced polygon model. I want to bake reduced polygon so I can play with it.
but when I do “Current state to object” or “Make Editable” to bake polygon reduction. the rigged skin just disappears and lose its function. that’s not what I want.

So my question is , How do I make polygon reduction baked and still have skin functionality?

I found one workaround. If i export it to fbx and then reimport it. I get what i want. polygon reduction generator has disappeared and changed into null object. and polygon is reduced without losing skin functionality!.
but I want to believe there is a way to do the same in Cinema4d without export & import hassle.
any advice please. thanks in advance. have a nice day.


Duplicate the character, poly reduce it the copy the rig from the hi poly object to your low poly version.

My main concern would be using triangulated meshes for character work, best practice would be to manually retopo the high poly mesh ensuring the quads are suitably arranged for clean deformation.