How do I animate using Shape keys on a Multirez\Sculpted model???


Here is the scenario\workflow I desire. Please tell me if this is possible.

I want to be able to create my character using sculpt and Multires… Lower the multires level and create shape keys. Bone and animate the character and then raise the setting on multires to the highest level for rendering.

Currently if you try to create a shape key on a Multires mesh, you get a pop up stating this is not possible.

Is there another workaround to this problem… ie is there a way to bake the displacement to a image map and apply the map to the low res model… then use subsurf to match the subdivision level of the high rez Multires model for rendering so i can use shape keys?



not currently.

I think you can use proxy objects for animation though.


  1. sculpt in multires
  2. rig the object
  3. save and copy
  4. on the one you want as low res delete the higher levels
  5. on the one you want as the high res - apply the multires at the high level

I’m speculating but I think that would work - might want to check over at also



Thanks… I will give that a try and let you know… appreciate your help very much!!


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