How come my object won't export its texture maps?


Please see these two threads for context:

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It turns out that many of the 3ds Max models that cannot be Fully Exported are based on V-Ray or Corona. This is fine. At this point I only care about the plain vanilla, scan line rendered.

I just found an excellent illustration of the shortcoming.


The number of maps in the last column is always zero, no matter what I do. No further explanation is provided.

How come?


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ps: I downloaded that model most likely from CGTrader. Can’t locate it again in their web site.


It depends on what the materials are like, it can only export the most basic materials and none of the procedural texture maps


I was under that impression. However, I have spent several days looking for good test cases and running experiments… The only kind of texture maps that those models handle are the 2 most common: JPEG and PNG.


The bottom line: The export from 3ds Max to OBJ procedure works erratically. I have tested many cases and have been unable to find a pattern.



What other maps would you expect it to export? The only others I can think of are .tga and .tiff if you haven’t tested those.

OBJ isn’t really a good format for exporting materials


In the example posted above, these are the 4 files that are ignored:

The folder “./maps” is not created.



When it works, it works flawlessly. After learning more (I am a newbie) and being careful, repeating my steps, I have been able to narrow the failing cases to about 10%. What baffles me is that there seems to be no reason for the inconsistent behavior.

I reported this as a bug to the Autodesk folks.



I am in learning mode. I would be satisfied if all the cases that I have been processing (JPEG and PNG) were successfully processed.

Then I will worry about harder cases and report any problem in forums and to Autodesk.


Both have been tested and they are exported properly… When the process works, that is.

I used the 4 JPG files in question, made a quick 4 item model and everything works as expected.



See below the OBJ + MTL files behaving properly under Windows 10 3D VIewer:


your house-model has a multi-sub-object material, with 8 materials

all materials are named “Material”, rename them to have different names and export will work

your example with box/tube/sphere etc works because they have materials with different names


Followed your advice, the export worked flawlessly.

I have a few more failing cases. Please don’t go too far. : -)