How can we jump start this forum?


Great news. Looking forward to it!

Thank you Roberto!


So, is that everything we need or do we still need to clear some things up?


Since Roberto is going to use the stories I let him decide what length suits best.

So I think we can brainstorm a bit about judging criteria…

What do you think?


I have been traveling, sorry for the delay. Great, Can’t wait to see some Concept Art.



I have been busy at work, but it is coming.



Ask some of the top game developers and animation houses to post their scripts and storyboards from the past to show us noobs how it’s done.


hey what ever happened to the challenge?:hmm:


I was waiting on a moderator to come back with a response on who is going to moderate and judge this competition.

I propose:

  1. Pick a picture We have several to chose from)

  2. Rules:
    Time Limit: 1 month to complete:
    Length: 10 Pages (Not counting cover page)
    Concept: To create a story based on a picture. The story can be action, drama, and / or comedy.
    Guidelines: Try to be as original as possible. (I understand it is hard to accomplish, but as writers that is what we aim to do).
    Format: Europe can use the A4 Format USA can use 8 1/ by 11.
    Team or Single: If you do this as a team make sure everyone gets credit.
    Judging: I think Matsman stated he would judge but then it would be unfair to some since it only one opinion. CGSociety members in the contest can judge and then we will have a poll at the end of the contest.
    Prize: Recognition

I apologize for not posting anything sooner, but I have been very busy at work. Just starting a studio and that is very time consuming.

I would like to hear wheat everyone else has to say about this. I would also like to be a judge and not participate directly to remain unbiased. thanks.

I am also going to post a poll to see how many people would like to join in on the story. So please participate in the poll.



Roberto said he needed some time to get pictures for his monowheel idea which would be a major cooperation thing since the pictures would be made by a sketching group… we would make the stories based on that and based on our stories the special fx guys at the FXwars part of the forum would go and make a movie of image based on what we have written… but I agree it has been a week… nothing stopping us to start this ourselves.

I’m in anyway… unless time escapes me like last week, I think I had a total of 3 hours free time not counting me sleeping :frowning:

BTW I have no trouble judging but agree with Juniordebo that a team of judges would be better… I have rather strong opinions sometimes :slight_smile:

Also I still think a month and 10 pages is too long for me personally I have a tendency to forget halfway through with such a project or become bored with it.

And we should just stick with the either the american or the european format… we all work on a computer with has both options as templates. So lets just keep the 8 1/ by 11 standard… since I think that one is more widely used already in this field.


Well maybe it would be a good idea to PM Roberto and ask him to give you more or less an estimated time frame of when we would have the picture. I agree. I like the idea of using something from the sketch challenge, we use it as a basis for our story challenge and having it go into the FXwars challenge. But if this picture is going to be another couple of weeks, maybe that idea is something to be considered down the line when we wouldn’t have to be waiting for one challenge to finish.

And I see we have been sorta back on forth with page count and time frame. I thought it was agreed that is would be between 6-10 pages with a time frame of 2 weeks and the judging being left up to everyone who takes part in the challenge. And the only difference between A4 and US Letter size is a few dots of an inch. So it doesn’t really matter. Embrace the differences I say.

I still like the first pic that was chosen…‘A trip to the Soulk’

So what do you say?! Wanna PM Roberto Matsman and see where we are with all this?


Sure will do!



Hey guys this is a video I made of the vehicle I have in mind for this kind of race.
The race would be performed on specially made stadiums.
The rules for this kind of racing procedures wil be the same as Formula ONE, but the strnage shape of the car allows for more steep curves.

To see a bit of the vehicle in action go to this link:

or download this…

More artwork will be coming…


Don’t mean to be rude but I thought we were looking out for drawings. This is a 3D model. I think everyone had the idea that they would derive a story from a portrait rather than a 3D concept. Or do you plan to incorporate that model into a 2D painting?

By the way it’s a cool looking model and the animation is very good. very organic for a tech toy!


No Problem, the drawings are coming…

This is part of a multistep challenge.
I needed to build the car so I can show the artists who will be doing the artworks the logistics behind the car.

Tommorow at the DSF I will ask the artists to design courses/ vehicle decorations/ riders based on the design of the car.


Cool! :thumbsup:

no wonder you needed time :d this is a sci-fi monowheel right… I don’t think the real thing actually has that hinging middle part… no criticism or anything just asking. Anyway this is cooler!
I guess that with the planning you have we can expect to start writing this weekend. Nice!

Once again thank you for the effort Roberto. Looking forward to see what the DSF does with it.

I hope everyone is happy with this update? Greetings!


Here is what I need from you guys.
you have seen the vehicles,
Tommorow you will start the stadiums…

You have seen the cars.

What wee need are backgrounds.
Backgrounds for teams,
Backgounds for Racers.

Not only that we need some drama.
When we take this to the FX people I want to be able to submit to them
some short scripts (one page at most) of some short FX sequences based
on the backgounds you guys come up with.
I would strongly recommend for you guys to check out our FX galleries for past work.

Keep in mind, the people doing these challenges are short on resources.
(ie Filmed elements)
have fun.



There are 3 scenes I am looking for in the challenge, that you guys might want to try:


BTW This challenge will go live in about 3 weeks.


Okay… so lets break it down to some challenge spec’s than as soon as the stadium sketches are here we’ll go on with the show.

One page is definitely to short for some of us… so I say lets do 3 pages…

Create a team or lone racer and write a

1 page introduction,
1 page race/crash, spectacular
1 page finish

So that is 3 pages either American letter or European a4 style.
Type is 10 point Courier.

Deadline 1 week (two weekends) seems fair. (which would be sunday 28, 23:59 in your own timezone)

Judging criteria, based on what is asked from us:

Using as few characters/cars/environments as possible
Flow of action
How exciting can you make this?

That means we can start judging Monday 29, giving every entry a number from 1 to 4 on every criteria (1=bad - 4=exceptional) plus any comments you want to give.

Did I forgot anything? or can we go ahead and create a challenge thread on Friday with this assignment?


Hey Guys

I am a huge admirer of the work being done in the CG world today and believe it is one of the most taken for granted roles that should be given more credit than it is. You are truly the Renaissance Artists of our modern age.

As such, I have a proposition. I am in production on an environmental short film, The Velvet Abstract, wwww.thevelvetabstract.comwhich still requires some Artists, and I am also looking for an Artist for a one minute short film. So if you wanted to help out on either project, in return you would have my services as a produced Writers Guild Screenwriter to write your short film project for free. This includes rewrites until your short animation/CG film is ready for release.

Basically you help me with my mine, I help you with yours.

Contact me if you interested with links to your work and any experience, and also what project you yourself are looking for my help with.

James Hughes


Hey guys

This whole thing sounds cool but I think it kinda strayed from our initial idea which was to write a short story based on what we interpreted from a picture or portrait. If we are all told to write about a specific event (like a crash or a race game) then I’m sure that narrows down our imaginative options.

Also I thought we were doing a short story not a script. I don’t know what everyone else feels about this. Haven’t heard anything from anyone else. But if you guys are okay with this then I’m sure we can go ahead. Let’s hear from the participants.