How can we jump start this forum?


Very Good point… :thumbsup:

Who is the moderator for this forum?



Okay lets recap once more… So I understand it right…

The first mini-challenge is going to be short stories, well see what happens later.
We have 2 weeks to create a 2 page a4 story which is derived from a picture. That picture has been posted in a batch of 2-4 so everyone can choose one that suits him/her most.
Entries will be in pdf, in Courier font, 12 point, 10 pitch. No bold, no italics. (I think setting font, font size and pitch will add that everyone has the same amount of space and will improve readability, BTW these I have taken from the micro screenplay writing challenge)

And no judging? I vote that at least there is some feedback given… otherwise the learning is really going to be hindered. And that’s why we are doing it right? and for fun :slight_smile: of course.

So if no judging, than at least everyone should write about what they liked in the stories from others they read.

BTW I don’t know who the mod is… I know that my storywriting course have had posts deleted by Equinoxx, Forum Leader so possibly that is your man. I’ve PM’d him anyway with a link to this thread.



I’m against the no judging. I think everyone here is a mature professional and can take not winning and getting upset because people think his story, storyboard, or script is better than the next man. To me it just strives me to do better the next time. So I vote for some form of judging.



I couldn’t take the waiting anymore… so I forwarded my previous “PM to equinoxx” towards Roberto. The motto was “take it to the man”
Roberto is forum leader and hosts some the challenges, like the HardCore Modeling Challenge and daily sketch threads.
So if anyone knows what to do it’s him :slight_smile:

Okay waiting commences anew :stuck_out_tongue:



Roberto replied:

That is an awesome idea…
I wil lshare this with my guys at the DSF…
One thing I would like to try is to post a TOPIC for an image.
That you guys could pick.

(DSF is the Daily Sketch Forum)

So we can give a list of topics I think… starting with drama and suspense… So start calling those shots, what would you like to write about?
What genre, male, female, creature, childrens illustrations, seastuff? you say it, we make a list, and Roberto will see if the people at the daily sketch forums are into it :slight_smile:


Did I read that right? 2 weeks for a 2 page story? Or is that 2-4 page story?

The reason I ask is that if there is dialogue, that eats up your page count. I would adjust that to ‘up to 6 pages’ because two pages is simply too short. You lose a lot of nuance because you have to cut it down soooo much to fit the 2 page limit. With short films, every line of text counts. I recently wrote a 10 page script for a 10 minute short, and it was a real test of my patience. I don’t want to see the craft of writing cut out of this process because people are basically reduced to writing stories in point form disguised as sentences. Also, you don’t get any cadence in 2 pages.

I suggest 6 as a minimum, realistically, we should be looking more in the ten to fifteen (to be edited down to ten) page range.



Actually you make a good point.

I am not totally agreeing since I enjoy the challenge of creating something small but still fun and refreshing within 2 pages.
And dialogue takes more room… but we are not writing a script format but a short story so that is also not too extreme.

I am all down with upping the page count to a maximum of 6… but 10-15 pages for me becomes work and is not writeable in one or two sittings, which is realistically the time I want to spend at something like this.

So the actual reason for going two pages in two weeks is to keep the threshold low so anyone could enter but still enjoy a challenge.
But as I said 2-6 is also okay with me since that leaves a bit more room for minimalists and gives enough freedom for cadence (I love that word)

That said. Is there no one reading this any more?

As per my last post I called on you to write some subjects you’d like to write about.
The deal is that the daily sketch people draw about those subjects, giving us the images to be inspired by for our stories.
But all this isn’t going to happen without the subject list.

SO! Once again if you still think this challenge would be fun to participate in and a good idea to get new people into this forum.
Think along with me and give some subjects you’d like to write about.


Sorry Matsman, got a 3D model due at the end of the next week, so been working hard on that. Now here is my opinion on it,

10 to 15 pages is TOO LONG. If we were writing a script than yea, 10 to 15 pages would be good since that is like a 10 to 15 min movie. But since its a short story that is way too long. The reason I say 2 pages in two weeks is that you can write a page a week and only spend a couple of min. on it a day and still make the deadline. Plus I think Matsman hit it on the head, since it will be easier for someone to get involved in the challenge if its only like 2 pages. Plus it makes it easier for judging. Now it would be easier since its not that many people here but we are trying to get more people involved.

I’m down with the sketch thing. I think someone should post a sticky and we start filling it up with ideas for them to do but I rather for them to just draw a picture and be like, hey I wonder what kind of story other people can come up with for my character. I think it would be a more natural process. Just my opinion on the matter.

Have we found out who the mod. is for this forum?


No need to apologize, you are not the only one :slight_smile:

But to answer your question, no I haven’t found out who the moderator is… But I believe Roberto will gladly host the thread.

And why we have to give Roberto a list of subjects to draw about is because that is the way the daily sketch thread works, and we’d be helping him/ them since someone has to come up with these things. It is one hand helping the other so to speak.

But shall I open a new thread then for people to post subject for the images to write about?
It ain’t gonna be sticky but that is for later.


Yea, I think you should start another thread, since we know for sure that we can do that. But we have to get ideas in there soon if we still want to make the 1st the start date of our first challenge.


Check! new thread is up… please start posting topics :slight_smile:

PS. I’ll not start posting topics myself as of yet… this was all your ideas so show that you still stand by them.


I have posted a reply in MAtsman forum about the scriptwriting. Please feel free to comment.



I also posted a reply in matsman thread. Also can someone fully explain to me what matrix judging is? Since we are doing a short story, I thought we were going to use adobe arcobat 12 point font, I can’t remember the style of font though.

I still think we should stick to the 2 page short story. It would take awhile for a judge to read through a couple of 6 page short stories. Plus I think it would attract more people to get interested if this challenge is short. Save the long page story for a challenge that will last a month.


I suggested using any word processor you want… using 12 point courier, since that is a scriptwriting standard and has good readability, but it was a suggestion.
And if you can choose between 2 pages or 6 pages I think lends more versatility which is good to attract more people and a 6 page story won’t take more than 30 min to read at most… we can set a week to judge, nobody gets hurt.

It’s probably a good idea to explain this matrix idea, it isn’t that complicated really… here’s my try :slight_smile:

Using a Matrix for judging is helping you dissect the subject(story, game, book, movie) into the same pieces(criteria), no matter what differences exist between different instances of said subject.

Think of matrix judging as reviewing a computer game for instance… there you might look for graphics, game play, story, replay-ability and sound which are the same criteria for each game so you can easily compare and as reviewer (judge) you wont suddenly look for the quality of the tutorial although it might be mentioned.

So the matrix is build from rows with the different subjects (in our case the stories) and at the top row we fill the columns with the criteria.
Then you rate (1-10 or 1-5) the different criteria within the appropriate box and tell in a sentence or two why you chose that rating.

At the end we have a nice overview on what someone thinks about each story and with comparing the ratings we can pick a winner…

What criteria are important have to be discussed, I think dialogue, personality, originality and pacing are important, but that differs so we have to find a nice set of criteria everyone is happy with.
Same goes with the rating system, I prefer one where there is no middle ground since it is too easy to just assign a 3 out of 5 or 5 out of 10… but when you have to rate 1-4 you are forced to choose above or below which makes it harder but gives more honest results

I hope that cleared up the matrix judging, if you still have questions please ask away :slight_smile:


Thanks matsman for clearing that up. I think that would be a fair way to go. I think we should go with a 10 point scale. As far as to what to judge on, still thinking about it.


Okay, I just posted something in the other Forum. But I like the idea of the 10-Point Scale. I am sticking with this forum for now on. Bouncing back and forth to much.



well, I am going to do a future fxwars challenge called

“NEO RACE” based on a new form of racing using mono wheeled electric cars.
Ill post some designs soon.

The thing is that I need a backstory for the challenge.

And maybe some “action” sequences

What do you guys think?


If you can post some designs I will post a Treatment, actually several Treatments or I can send you the Treatment. The more eyes the better the critiques. But it sounds great! :thumbsup:


Hey Roberto!
Als long as it sticks with the Challenge idea I am all for it… If there are some pictures to work of we can write short stories or a script even.

But since june first is around the corner just some quick things we need to clear up.

How long is the story going to be?

Lets do a quick vote count:
2 pages, 6 pages, 10 pages, free choice between 2-6 or 2-10

I think free choice between 2 and 6 pages is ideal for a quick challenge since it will leave room for development if you want it but still keeps you on your toes for not going all out in something you can’t finish.

I think 2 weeks is a nice time-limit, if you go longer people will forget or want to do it but can’t because they won’t do anything the first two weeks and have not enough time any more before the deadline afterwards.

So we first have to clear up these two points.

I hear 2 people wanting to use 10 point courier, so lets do that, gives you a lot more room in low page counts :slight_smile:

I think we judge each other, using the method described above and according to what criteria we come up with… which should give you a list of where you can improve and some comments to go with it.

So just length and time, oh and paper size… I have no preference but it has to be set, so if anyone has a preference for american letter size or european a4 speak up.


working on the concept art…

(for that give me a few days, as always I am cooking a couple of challenges at the same time)

You can make the treatment as long as you wish,
but keep in mind that the fxwars folks will probably only do less than 30 seconds of animation.