How can I stick a MoText to a rigid body's surfice?


Hi :slight_smile:
I try to make a yarn board. But I want a MoText on the midle (or somewhere) of the yarn.
The yarn is a low poly Cylinder with 2 bones in the two ways. The two bones are two sphere’s child (one bone in one sphere). And thus when I move the sphere the yarn is moving too in a straight line. (The Clothe Surfice is for: yarn is not deforming to a 2D object when I move one sphere from Z axis to X.)
But I want a MoText that sticking to the Yarn (Cylinder) when I move the sphere.
Can you help me with this issue please?

I want to stick the MoText without make editable. (If I want to change the Text in the future.)

Im thinking about 2 options:
1 If there is a simple way to connect them that I don t know…

2 I create a third bone that moves automatcely in a straight line with the othet two (but I don’t know how pyton code works). (maybe there is a way with the IK too)

3 Or third option that I don t know…

0 Yarn board v1.c4d (350.5 KB)


I’ve never seen one of these :smiley:

However, if you make the text a child of the sphere … it moves in a straight line
back and forth when moving the sphere.


Q: where do the other names come from?
Do they just pop up or are they added to the long list/line when moving a sphere
or / and when moving the opposite sphere ? Here’s one way …


You missunderstood. The emphasis is on the yarn. The text suppose to connect to the yarn.
(The names are from my story and) on the line I want to see that what is the connection between them.
Like an example in the Text I write that “They hate each other becouse she stole his ring”. And then I can easyly see the connection between them.
The balls are caracters the yarn is the connection between them.

I tried your method too but what if I have to move the sphere? The yarn and the text will just slip from each other…
There will be mutch more more more yarn…and caracters… This 4 caracters and 6 yarn was just a test for the main caracers. There are at least 20 caracters.


No, the text and sphere are connected linearly.
Move the ball and the text follows. Rotate the ball and text rotates, etc.

PT2.c4d (365.0 KB)

Sorry, I don’t understand the rest of it.


This is why it is not working:
asd1.c4d (921.1 KB)
Try to rotate the sphere to the correct position after you move down the sphere.

And this animation is that I have in mind:
asd2.c4d (963.0 KB)
The text is always in the midle.

Also it would be great if the Text always turn with the camera so I always can read them but that is a “later” problem. :smiley: If i find a tutorial this part ll be easy.


Do you need 3D text or would you consider doing the text in comp? It’s relatively simple to get text to face camera or oppose rotation/orientation in After Effects.


1- Yes, I can move the sphere down and rotate it. I do not know “your” correct position ?
2- No, I do not see the animation nor keys set.
3- Text always turns to camera …Yes … there is a tag for that. Shown below
Sadly, the tag doesn’t work because it reverses the object you want to aim at the camera.
Perhaps the tag does work as it should in versions higher than 16.
(There use to be a script that corrected this bug in r12)

As another note on your scene … the axis is off a great distance making it difficult
to control objects.



I think I can understand you. True it has the ability of rotation and even if I move I can fix every detail. But I want an easy way for this (when I move the circle).

In this video’s firs part I show you what is my problem, on the second part I show what I want to manage from the first place.

File from this video:
asd3.c4d (1.6 MB)

Tho, many thanks. You helped me a lot :slight_smile:


Not even R17


But here is a trick:


As I stated above … I know I saw a script for this for r12.
I don’t remember who it was.

Yes,I saw that AE work around. It’s not native c4d, but if this
helps you … great. One would think that Maxon should have
solved this ages ago.