How can I save the hotkey changes in my layout?


I try to change the hotkeys but it turns out the changes are valid all layout.
What if I swich version or computer?


In the preferences folder there is a file called ‘shortcuttable.res’. You can copy that to other computers.
I think you cannot have more than one shortcut settings in one installation.
You can also copy file that between versions, but that might not work properly.


There is a function “LoadShortcutSet” which can dynamically load a new shortcut file. This should enable you to write a Python script that switches between shortcuts (or shortcuts plus layout).


Most of my shortcuts are dead after re-lauching.

There is no logic. I know in previous versions, some characters weren’t recognized (é, `,’, (, etc (maybe in R16 and R17) but today shortcut Z don’t want to change.
Z is for me Rectangle selection. It works until I close C4D. Re-launching C4D and Z is for Z-Axis.
Very boring.


I just imported my shortcuttable from R19, and it seems fine.
Assigning z to rectangle selection works fine too, regardless of restarts.