How can I reduce transform tool sensibility


Hello, in other tools when holding ctrl while dragging, I can slow down the sensibility/values
like in the bevel tool, when I drag without holding ctrl, I have less precision but it’s faster, while holding ctrl, it’s the opposite

but the ctrl thing doesn’t applies to the transform tools (move, rotate and scale), how can I do something similar with those tools?


I use Plus or minus key in keypad, this grows and shrink the transform gizmo… bigger the gizmo higher the precision


thanks, do you know if perhaps there is some settings, where you can edit the dimension of the gizmo and the precision of it (as different values)?

for example, the stock gizmo has a value of 1 precision, and 1 of gui icon
I find nice the precision of the gizmo scaled up to 10 times, by so it has the values 10 of precision and the icon is scaled up to x10, but I need to press the “+” 10 times
so I was wondering if there was an option to change those values, like I press one time the “+” and I tenfold the value of the precision, while the value of the icon gets at x2.5 times