How can I learn the basic knowledge of animation?


what is a rig a model, tags, simulations, polygons and others…

I can create animation like an advanced, but I learn the meaning of these five word in the last two week. And this is way too embarrassing. Siriusly… I tought the rig and the modell are the same things… stacking icons on a polygon without knowing those are tags…
Yeah there is wiki and the internet, but I dont know what are the basics I have to search and learn.

A friend gave me PDF with soo much knowledge like DPI, what is the 8 bit, RGB, CMYK and more… and I realize how many things I do in c4d with routine without knowing what I really doing.

Sorry for the long shot… :slight_smile:



I find it difficult to understand your wording, sentence structure. Id like to help but Im not sure what your asking?

It reads that you can already create advanced animation, yet do not understand the meaning of the words Model, Tags, Simulations, Polygons. It would be impossible to be an advanced animator without this basic knowledge, so I assume from this then you mean your a total beginner into 3D and do not know where to start, and are stuck at the point of understanding 3D terminology?

For the fact that your posting this within a Cinema 4D forum must mean you own Cinema 4D, are a student, or show a interest in this software in particular.

What area of 3D design are you interested in, thats a good place to start?



Yes, I think I stuck at the point of understanding 3D terminology.

I am already have a studio version R19. And I create animations on youtube. I start the animating in 2013 . So I used c4d 5 years. I learn HOW to use cinema 4d in the tutorials. But never learn WHAT am I using. For example I use materials and textures in that 5 year without knowing what is the difference between them, or rather there IS a difference between them.


In the cinema 4d menu, the last meu item is “Help”

Click on that and then choose the first option: “Show Help”.

This is the complete manual for cinema 4d. You can type in any topic you want to learn about and you can get answers there.


I know that option, but the “Show Help” can t explane me like: what is the diffrence beetween material and texture.


I would go to the local book store /amazon and buy a book on the basics of 3D animation. This is what I did when I started.


Ok so you have been using C4D for 5 years doing advanced animations, what kind of animation have you been doing?

Here is a good start.



Jennifer, your question is so large, that you are basically asking ‘what is everything’. The only answer really would be to point you towards hours of video tutorials which start at the basics, though to say you have been working in C4D for 5 years but have never managed to work out what a polygon is… to be honest it depends if you want to spend any money or do this for free. For free, go scour youtube for greyscalegorilla, eyedesign, 3d fluff or even blender guru videos (the latter aren’t c4d but they’ll explain all the basics).

If you are willing to spend some money, go on a 2-5 day training course, all these questions will be answered.


Thanks guys I think I know now wthat I should do.