How can I create a Normal (and Bump) map to a human body in the most easiest way?


Does not matter if it is a new program… because I tried to create a normal map in C4D but I think this option it is just a decorate in C4D. Or I am the dumb :slight_smile: , but the point is I am a very-very rocky in the Normal and Bump maps. I can use them and I know how them works but I can t create one. I saw some tutorial too but most of them are just normal maps for simple items like a wall.
Please help me, I want to improve myself and create better rigs.


Have you tried this?


How can I create a Normal map to a human body in this program? I think I can t…


A normal or bump map usually gets its information by baking existing detail into normals. Cinema 4D does support baking. You can add details to bump maps by simply painting it on or mixing with patterns. Normal maps are a bit more difficult to modify, for human figure they are often derived from baking sculpted detail into normal maps.
This is not rigging though, but texturing.


There’s also a good although in-depth section here on baking detail created using Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools here:

To answer your question better, we need a bit more info:

  • How do you want to create the information for the Normal Map - Sculpt it then bake to normal in Cinema 4D ? - Sculpt it then bake to Normal in another program ? - Paint it directly in the Normal channel in Cinema 4D ? - Paint it directly in the Normal channel in Another program ? There might be other options also & then we can maybe recommend workflows.

Feel free to post screenshots of what your have already, if it is not confidential work.