How about we unofficially vote anyway


I like all the entrants, but in my opinion Jim’s is the best.

My vote will go to Jim – even if it is unofficial. Just wanted to get that out there :).

Anyone else have their “unofficial” vote?


Koff, koff…JIM…koff, koff

Excuse me, I was just clearing my throat there :wink:


The top four in my mind went like this (of those that were submitted as final):

  1. Schlitzy (Jim)

  2. Gimpy (Drakkheim)

  3. Hippie (thekamps)

  4. Nerdy (Zaryin)

To be fair, I liked something about all of them and wish that everyone had been able to finish.


I actually sent my nomination in to Obnomauk but-

To be fair, I liked something about all of them

I agree totally here. It was a great experience. Can I vote for everybody instead?


If I had to choose it would be Jim and his Schlitzy.

Gimpy next.

But I really liked them all. Tons of personality here. Would love to see a poster with all the entrants together. Throw in Tardy into that poster as well!! Congrats to all who finished.



There were some very interesting characters, and if it was a “character design” contest then it might have been closer.
Since it was a “modeling” contest, I think that Jim has shown his complete mastery, above and beyond.

Frankly, I think that Jim is the finest modeler ever to use A:M! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

If A:M were to have an “oscar”, then it ought to be called the “Talbot Award”.
you could render one of your characters as a gold statuette, and make it a web graphic that future winners could display on their webpage. maybe a gold,silver,and bronze!:bounce:
That would be a nice award!


That is a very cool idea. The Talbot award. I want one!!


Hey Will, that is one of the greatest ideas, haha. I really think Jim should do that.


You guys are making me blush.:blush:

I want to echo the sentiment that all the entries were very creative and full of personality. Everyone helped the others to do better and so everyone is a winner IMHO.



I just want you all to know that the 3 swedish bikini team members that Jim sent to my house did not sway my vote in any way. Woops, Inga and Olga said I better get back to the volleyball game!



Schlitzy is the best model hands down.

and competeing for a golden Talbot award would be as good as any prize. :slight_smile:


My vote goes for Schlitzy as well. It’s great to see what can really be done with the program and gee it didn’t cost an arm and a leg for the program go figure:) It was wonderful to see all the encouragement and assistance everyone had for each other. These contests are a good idea I think a better game plan is in order for the next one.


Well, I’m not sure about naming an award after me, but I did render out Schlitzy as a gold statue. He looks pretty good! I think receiving a “Golden Schlitzy” sounds better than a “Golden Talbot”.:stuck_out_tongue:



That is so bloody brilliant I can’t see straight. :thumbsup:


That is an excellent gold Schlitzy!

Jim, it’s like the Acadamy Awards (ie: The Talbot Awards) and an Oscar (ie: a Schlitzy).

Get used to it :P~


That is great!:applause:

–I wonder if we could get that made as a rapid-prototype, to cast real trophies. Maybe Steve could start sending out “slitzeys” instead of those little plaques :slight_smile:


You kill me! hehehe that is so great. You’ve got me up all nite now working for one.


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