How about Open Sourcing Silo?


I’m not sure what would really be achieved by taking sculpting out of silo. I use sculpting from time to time as it has a nice feel and it is nice having it along side standard modelling - plus the brushes can be used on UVs which can be pretty nice.

For me, there are just a few tweaks but hardly any additions which would really improve the program (one of the main ones being to get rid of the little yellow blob that appears if you try to do a sticky-key extrude too fast).

I have been using Silo recently instead of Maya and it turned a few heads. I have been recommending it but with a caution that there are glitches/ bugs and it isn’t being developed any more.


Hi guys,
Though I like the idea, I don’t think Silo3D will be open sourced, at least not any time soon (Nevercenter even has a promo sale on, obviously they’re still shifting units).

There is a very similar open source application already out, called Wings 3D which is a subdivision modeller. While development on it ceased completely for a few years, a new version came out in November and the project is being actively developed again. Wings3D is what got me into modelling, and Silo felt, to me at least, like a bit of a spiritual successor to Wings. There’s a lot of overlap between the two feature wise.

If you want to contribute to an open source 3D project, I think Wings is the way to go. I think there’s only one active developer working on the project at the moment, so any additional resources will be welcomed.

With an active community of developers, I really think Wings could become the Silo successor you were hoping for.


They’re not comparable by a long shot. Seriously? Have you actually tried Wings3D?
I think it is a good proof of concept app for what can be done in Erlang besides complex tele/communication systems, but the UX (User Experience) parts of the app is nowhere near what you get with Silo.


Have you thought about making your own application? I like your ideas. The elegance and simplicity of Silo combined with more functionality – like a modifier stack from 3ds Max, for example. Marking menus and hot box from Maya, and Modo-style fall offs.