Houdini WIP


@Phrenzy84 : they’re looking great! How long did you take to render those?

@willh22 : it’s awesome! How’s the performance with pbr when you render the fur? Does raytracing fur using pbr have a different speed factor than rendering using micropolygon mode?

Here’s my first try using sss straight from surface model. I kind a new with houdini so it’s a bit trial and error. When I used only single scattering , the render takes long to finish but when I turned off single scattering and use multiple scattering and using write and load point cloud file the render time is back to normal. Anyone knows what’s wrong with this ?

I rendered using PBR and used 4 lights to lit the scene.



@neonbulbs :

i have written a new shader using the simple sss for the hair color and mantra surface for reflection and translucency. i also dont use opacity or object reflection on the hair wich greatly increases render time.

i found that calculating the shadow maps sometimes takes longer than just rendering with with raytrace shadows if you want accurate shadows on the hair . its also easier to integrate the hair into your scene not having to render them separately.

micropolly rendering will be a lot faster and more memory efficient than rendering with pbr, but he shadows and bounce ligting you get in PBR is what will take your renders to the next level i think:)


Hey guys, im quite new in Houdini just switched from Maya to Houdini and I really like it… ^^

I want to share you some WIP from my first “tool”


Not entirely completed yet, next step is working on shaders but first im working on another project, I hope you guys like it!


Looks very nice :thumbsup:

Watched Digital Tutors Voroni tuts :D?


Yes I actually have been watching this tutorial but the wood shatter trick I allready knew from Cinema 4D, I accidently scaled a shattered cube if you look at my channel you can see a video from one year ago… its really really bad… :cry:

The real trick is to set it up so it is actually able to break with rigid bodies… im planning on building a building of wood and destroying it but im currently working on another animation with a character so it might take a while before I destroy stuff again… XD


Started to work on new asset, this time grass generator:


more information on my blog:


Cheers! :beer:


Just wanted to share my latest render of a FLIP simulation:


Took me way too long, might wanna look into optimization… :slight_smile:


Some more WIP, something I made today… a tool which can generate rocks based on polygon models… :slight_smile:



I guess it’s not really WIP. I was just messing around one night a year ago.

Initial glued voronoi chunks with dynamic voronoi points on second and latter collision. Small chunks are a particle sim.

It’s always fun seeing how much you’ve grown since old work.