Houdini "point deform" in c4d


i am playing around with xparticles constraints.
and getting some fast and convincing results. but i cant figure out how to attach my mesh to the simulation

i saw that in houdini there is s node called “point deform” that seems to be exactly what i need but in c4d.

is there a way to replicate the point deform in c4d?
as you can see from the my file i came close mixing the mesh deformer and xpresso, but its really sub optimal

Soft_Body_Test_0002.c4d (443.5 KB)


Would the Particle Deformer of x-particles be what you’re looking for?


particles deformer would work fine IF i would have spawned particles from the vertices.
but my case is a little bit different, i have chosen to spawn the particles in exagonal mode, i think it gives better and faster simulations.

so is there a way to make the particles drive my geometry even if they are spawn in exagonal mode?