Houdini is unix-based?


I’m new to Houdini and going through one of Steven Knipping’s tutorials. I get pretty far along in developing a scene, then Houdini crashes and keeps crashing. The explanation from SideFX is that Houdini has roots in Unix where spaces are used as keyword/filename separators. So if getting to a file in a path like C:\Users\John Smith\AppData
., it crashes because John Smith shouldn’t be spaced, rather it should be JohnSmith or John_Smith. Why then does it even find the application which has to go through the Program File folder?


Professionals don’t use spaces in names - nor should you
I’ve never known Houdini to crash because of it, but then, you’re on Windows.

I’ve seen plenty of problems on Windows and Mac related to using spaces, they’ve both tried to compensate for the average non-computer user using them, with mixed results.

Mac is unix-based too, as is NASA, and the US government. There’s a reason for that -


Update your houdini version and make sure you use newest graphics drivers. Normaly houdini is solid but some GPU stuff can crash houdini.

Btw the file can be also on a webpage, http works in the filepath!

Houdini is inspired by unix it has also a chown and chmod :grin:! Check the terminal enter help() and see the commands.