Highlights missing from Physical Renderer


Is there a way to emulate highlights in Physical ?

Why did they remove it from there ? Highlights are real on camera lenses.


Highlights? Do you mean specular highlights in materials? Or do you mean lens flares?

If the latter, I think most prefer to add them if necessary in post, where you have far more control, and they aren’t burned into the render…


No, c4d’s lens flares are too cliche.

I mean those bling highlights c4d puts on bright reflective surfaces. Those are cool.

It’s weird because there are many scenarios were they are needed like on glittering water or any kind of jewellery and diamonds …

This is a natural phenomenon of camera lenses.
I guess I have to render the same scene twice with different renderers now and keep the post-effects pass from the standard just because I don’t use photoshop or AE.


Ah, I had forgotten that system from the standard renderer.

I’m not sure why they aren’t in the Physical renderer; a number of other post-effects are dropped from the Physical renderer as well, such as Cel Renderer, Depth of Field, Sketch and Toon, Sub-frame Motion Blur, and Vector Motion Blur.

Some of these (such as depth of field and motion blur) are done better by the Physical renderer, and are therefore not useful.

I assume that they thought the others were better handled in post. If you want to explore that for free, Da Vinci Resolve is free for up to HD footage…


Thanks for the heads up on the free DaVinci Resolve! I didn’t know it was free or as powerful as it is! A node-based replacement for AE! Perfect!