Hi from Russia! we a young 3d-team and our The Shrine of Twisted Knowledge miniature set 3D model


Hello people! As you know (maybe :wink: ) I have a very large number of hobbies ranging from parachutes to bass guitar, working with tattoos, etc =) Recently I have also been drawing concepts for 3d miniatures with my friends 3d modellers and together we organized our little project.
We’re a trio of aspiring artists designing 3D-printable miniatures inspired by dark fantasy genre (Lovecraft, Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls etc.).
Also since we are budding creators we really need your support! :slight_smile: If you are interested in 3D miniatures (which have their own story and characteristics for the game) or just want to support young enthusiasts, then you can become a patron or buy access to them for a symbolic price on the sites below or tell your friends about us. The miniatures also come with a set of pdfs with my concept art :slight_smile:
I promise to delight you with new interesting sets and monsters :slight_smile: