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[left]Hey Everyone,[/left]
[left]I’ve been a member of CG Society for a while but I haven’t worked on my profile much until recently. I can’t believe it took me so long to start getting involved in this large, talented community of fellow artists. I can’t wait to start connecting with others and making friends on here. I love networking and getting inspired on CG Society![/left]


Hi Danielle,

You sound a little bit like me – been checking out the site for some time, yet not getting involved! I’m a new member and have only just created my portfolio of work. Hope we both enjoy our time on here.

Really love your Neverending Story illo – great composition, technique and detail. That sort of style always interests me and is something that I would like to attempt, beyond what I’ve been doing until now. Also had a look at your site – like your oils too.

: )


Hi Rylee,
Thanks for the reply, it’s nice to meet you…I guess I finally realized the importance of getting involved and in touch with other artists not only in person, like in the classes I’ve been taking at the Animation Union, but also online. There are so many opportunities to meet people nowadays with all the technology. Also, I’ve been out of work for a while, starting to feel like I’ll never get hired anywhere. So I’m trying to network with others as much as possible, like on CG Society.
Are you an illustrator? Your work reminds me of book illustrations. I really like your style, especially the graphic quality of “it’s a zoo out there”. I’m trying to get into character/figure painting more. Most of what I’ve done has been environments because I want to be a background painter or do visual development.


Hi Danielle,

I’m a full time graphic designer with a strong interest in illustration. Have been working on improving my knowledge of Photoshop for illustrating/painting over the last 3-4 years and am attempting to produce work that has previously been a bit out of reach for me. Most of my stuff so far has been addressing character development and I’m trying to identify what my exact style is, which I’m finding difficult as I’m influenced by so many varied approaches!

I have three book concepts that I’m slowly working on – hopefully one day I’ll get close to seeing one in a near finished stage and then work out if it is a viable project regarding publishing.

Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling for work and I hope that situation turns around for you very quickly. You’ve obviously got the talent – that is clear to see. Fingers crossed that you can find something desirable, either freelance or full time.

For some reason I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting environments and landscapes to solidify as great concepts for me working digitally, so am starting to work with oil pastels and doing more sketching to work out exactly how to get what I want to see.

Love the ‘China Town’ illo. Your paint style and toning is excellent, and the sign shadowing really finishes it off nicely. Well done! I’m just starting to learn Painter myself, as it appears to offer something quite different to Photoshop and might suit me better in many ways. Hopefully I get comfortable with it quickly.

Keep in touch and good luck!

Cheers, Michael.


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